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Most of the people I work with are stuck in a dull marketing routine. They assume they are doing about as well as they can. They have learned to settle for mediocre results.

You know my philosophy… If you want superior results then you need a superior strategy. So here’s some examples to illustrate why it makes sense to get an outside perspective from someone who can see things you don’t see so you can use that information to make wildly profitable strategic shifts.

1 Simple Tweak Earns $43,266 in One Weekend

An online business wanted me to send out an email announcing a sale. Yawn. I said OK, but I made a simple little tweak to the email that was surprising and unexpected. Everybody hated it, and told me so. “This won’t work in our industry – you just don’t understand our customers.” Blah blah blah. They said I couldn’t send it to their list. Wah wah wah. The owner’s uncle’s cousin-in-law’s girlfriend said it sucked. Whatever. To prove a point I sent it anyway and it scored a cool $43,266 in a single weekend. I went on to do some other emails for them that did even better than that.

A Simple Shift Creates a $1,000,000 Website

Another company came to me in a panic. They were way behind in their yearly sales budget and needed a huge financial miracle to stay in business. I don’t like being put on the spot, and I chided them for not coming to me sooner. But their idea was to send out a big, monster mailing and pray. I made some simple little tweaks to that strategy and sent a series of emails instead. My campaign generated record-breaking sales and pushed their website well beyond the $1.2 Million a year barrier.

A Slightly Different Approach Nets $1.35 million

Another client I worked with wanted to do a postcard mailing to a small group of local businesses. I told him the kind of mailing he had in mind would be a waste of time and money. With one simple tweak from me, he changed his approach and did the kind of mailing I suggested to a wimpy little list of just 50 people. My simple little tweak brought in a measly two new clients for a “lousy” 4% response rate… and two new projects worth $1,357,321.89.

Interested? Here’s what you can expect.

My fee is just $250 $197 for a 30 minute, intensely-focused strategy session by telephone that’s all about finding and exploiting your unrealized potential. Here’s how it works:

  1. After you click the button below, my office will confirm your payment and send you a questionnaire.
  2. You’ll complete the questionnaire and return it to me for review.
  3. My office will schedule a mutually convenient time for the earliest available telephone appointment.
  4. I’ll review your materials and call you precisely on the date and time we scheduled.
  5. We’ll have an in-depth, awesome one hour strategy and Q&A session.
  6. I’ll follow-up with a written Action Plan with next steps for you to implement.

This is a low-cost way to interact with me, get your questions answered, get an expert overview of what you’re doing, and see how you can be doing it better, easier, faster, and more profitably. I guarantee this session will pay for itself many times over – if you follow my advice.

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