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Ralph Brogden, best-selling author, host and producer for Business Innovators Radio, has joined forces with WCKG, Chicago in a new media venture that leverages the power of online broadcasting with the influence and reach of traditional radio.

Ralph Brogden is a nationally-recognized marketing and media strategist who joined Business Innovators Radio in 2014 as a host and producer. “I love discovering and talking to talented, motivated business owners, digging into their success secrets, and helping them tell their stories to a wider audience,” Brogden said. “Partnering with WCKG means more exposure for my guests, so I couldn’t be more thrilled at the opportunity to do what I do best and promote them in a bigger way.”

On the partnership between Business Innovators Radio and WCKG, Business Innovators Radio Programming Director Jack Mize says, “Bringing together the worlds of Business Innovators Radio’s Online Platform and WCKG’s history in terrestrial radio is more than just a hybrid form of media. It’s redefining the process in which new influencers and innovators are getting media exposure. Matt Dubiel and WCKG are changing the game of traditional talk radio and bringing valuable information to consumers when and where they want to listen.”

The combined passion and reputation of Business Innovators Radio and WCKG has grabbed the attention of some of the top online radio talent and made saying ‘yes’ an easy decision for hosts like Ralph Brogden, who were hand-picked to kick off the venture.

“What we’re seeing is that media consumers have been moving away from scheduled programming and moving towards on-demand media,” Brogden said. “Listeners want total control over the media they consume. They want to decide when, where, how, and on what device they listen and watch their shows. So we’re taking advantage of ‘The Netflix Effect’ and giving listeners what they want, when they want it.”

Brogden’s show, Rebelpreneur Radio, will feature interviews with accomplished entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals sharing their best tips and strategies for life and business success. “I developed the idea of a ‘Rebelpreneur’ as someone who is willing to ‘break the rules’ in the sense of going beyond the status quo and being amazing, innovative, and creative – not settling for doing business as usual,” Brogden explained. “The survival of a business requires you to stand out and be extraordinary. My show reveals what works, and what doesn’t, straight from the experience of real people who are making things happen on a daily basis.”

According to Brogden, the show fills a psychological need as well. “Whether you are starting a business or running one, it’s incredibly motivating to listen to other people’s stories of success and how they overcame obstacles,” Brogden said. “Each interview is crafted to be a valuable resource for giving listeners real strategies to make them successful – both in business and in life.”

Ralph Brogden is a best-selling author, publisher, and producer for Business Innovators Radio Network. He earned a degree in marketing and psychology from State University of New York and is pursuing a graduate degree in strategic communication. Brogden’s work has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, USA Today, The Huffington Post and hundreds of nationally-syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets. Brogden is also CEO of Holland House Publishing New York, focusing on marketing, media, communication and publishing strategies for authors and subject matter experts.


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