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Marketing strategist Ralph Brogden’s latest offering provides practical, actionable strategies for helping businesses and brands drive sales by making deep psychological connections with prospects.

Ralph Brogden has developed an entire marketing philosophy around the idea that people only want to do business with people that they know, like and trust. Brogden’s newest book is titledIrresistible Marketing: 4 Psychological Strategies for Getting People to Buy (Without You Having to ‘Sell’ Them). In it, Brogden provides a psychological basis for attracting, persuading, and converting prospects into customers and clients without hard-core selling.

By the end of the first day of its release on,Irresistible Marketing was already a certified bestseller. Brogden managed to take the #2 spot in Consumer Behavior next to Dr. Robert Cialdini’s perennial classic Influence, and landed on the Top 20 list in Entrepreneurship. Brogden’s book also made the #1 position on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Consumer Behavior. These results were verified by Amazon on January 15, 2016.

“Of course, I’m thrilled about the success of the book,” Brogden says. “But more importantly, I hope it helps people see that ‘interruption marketing’ is outdated and ‘relationship marketing’ is the new normal.”

As an example of what Brogden calls “interruption marketing,” he relates one of his first marketing failures trying to sell real estate advertising to an auto mechanic. “It was a disaster!” Brogden says.

But that initial failure at sales led Brogden into a 20-year obsession with marketing strategy and psychology. “I learned that a superior strategy would produce a superior result.”

In the book, Brogden draws upon his educational background in psychology and marketing, together with his professional experience in running a small business, working as a marketing strategist and copywriter for a digital media agency in New York, and fine-tuning his craft over the course of two decades as a marketing consultant.

“When business owners find out that I’m a specialist in marketing psychology, they usually want to know the secret hacks, the ninja moves, or the ‘Jedi mind tricks’ they can use to get more people to buy their stuff,” Brogden says with a laugh.  “I have to be honest and tell them that there are no hacks or tricks that are going to get people to do something they don’t want to do – in business or in life.”

But according to Brogden, there are some basic principles of human behavior that anyone can use to make their marketing better and to communicate more effectively with their target audience.

“The problem with marketing today is there is a tremendous psychological barrier standing between you and your prospects,” Brogden says. “People are very skeptical, cynical, and jaded by marketing in general. Plus, people are smart, they have their guard up, and they’ve seen and heard it all before. Your goal is not just to sell something, but to add real value, and to treat people the way they want to be treated – with care, with respect, and with the goal of helping them get the outcome they want.”

The key, according to Brogden, is to change your approach from selling to serving, and to make that change apparent in everything you do. “You’ve got to learn a new way of marketing, which requires a new way of thinking,” Brogden says. “If you want your business to thrive you have to overcome that psychological barrier with a marketing and messaging strategy that prospects find personal and appealing.”

For a limited time, Brogden is making his bestselling book available for free on his website. To download a digital version of “Irresistible Marketing,” visit


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